Keto Fridge Review

Scott HirschByScott HirschMar. 05, 2020

In a Nutshell

Keto Fridge is an a la carte food delivery support that makes it easier for those with busy activities to maintain to a healthy, diverse, tasty all-keto diet. Customers select from a rotating menu of robust meals and fairly sweet treats that are delivered in order to their doorway every week. The particular meals does not need planning. Just about all a individual have within order in order to do is going to be heat every one of them up in addition they’re ready to consume.


  • A una carte support demands simply simply no subscription
  • 100% keto entrees and chocolate
  • Ships just about all around the particular US


  • Minimum related with $69 for every order
  • Limited consumer support

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Ideal For

  • Keto beginners
  • Busy mother plus father plus professionals

What’s Special Regarding Keto Refrigerator?

Keto Refrigerator will be the champion linked to the Keto diet plan. Each meal sticks to 75% extra fat, 20% healthy proteins, and 5% carbs. This specific level connected with focus upon information may make certain customers, irrespective of whether or not they’re neophytes for the keto diet or even seasoned experienced, that they are eating the strict keto diet whenever ordering through Keto Refrigerator, among the best keto dinner delivery providers.

Additionally, the particular a una carte nature can make it especially attractive to all those who don’t want to commit to a meal strategy. Customers who are planning with regard to a hectic week, testing out the keto diet, or saving money can enjoy the food delivery support without carrying out to a subscription support.

How It Works

Every Thurs night, you’ll find a new menu on Keto Fridge’s site. Simply choose the foods you’d such as delivered the following week plus checkout. The particular cut-off time for you to place a good order is usually Thursday evening 11: fifty nine ET. It is important in order to remember that whilst no membership is necessary, every single order requirements to end up being at least $69. Deliveries consider place the next week upon either Wednesday or Wed depending upon where you are. Foods are delivered straight to your door in recyclable solution packs that place them new until the instant you warmth them up. When you’re ready to eat a food, follow the instructions on the bundle. Just warmth them up either inside a microwave or on the stove top.

Meal Options

Each weekly menu features more than a dozen breakfast time, lunch, and dinner entrees, all of which abide by rigid keto requirements and are created using approximately 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. The meals are hearty, and there will be a varied enough choice of mains and sides that you’ll become satisfied through the week.

Keto Fridge’s menu generally caters to classic tastes. Most of the entrees are keto-centric spins on hearty American comfort foods. Though not the most exotic or adventurous lineup of flavors, the meals are accessible and can be enjoyed by children and adults. In addition to staples like pancakes, pizza, burgers, and steaks, the menu features a number of fresh side salads and mouthwatering cakes, cookies, and donuts. You’ll even find cartons of keto-friendly cookie dough.

Favorite Keto Fridge Meals

1. Chimichurri grilled steak with smoky red peppers, roasted jicama, and a lemony garlic kale saladВ 

A focal point of meat fillet steak flanked simply by red red onion, that are knowledgeable about rosemary, thyme, olive essential oil, plus red-colored wines white vinegar. The specific primary meal will be related to jicama together with mustard plus poultry share plus the new kale greens.

  • $20. 99/servingВ 
  • Gluten-free, low-carb
  • 670 calorie consumption, 36g associated with proteins, 54g associated along with total entire body fat, plus 14g associated with carbohydratesВ 

2. Shrimp fajita dish with cilantro lime cauliflower rice plus south western jicama mix

Garlic, onion, plus chile powder-dusted shrimp along with coriander, lime green juice, along with a side associated with fresh vegetables, including some jalapeno spice up.

  • $19. 50/servingВ 
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, low-carbВ 
  • 510 calories, 21g of proteins, 42g associated with total body fat, 13g associated with carbohydrates

3. KetoOreo Cake

A scrumptious Oreo wedding cake made along with sour lotion and biscuit crumbles, flavoured with espresso and cacao.

  • $8. 99 for just two servingsВ 
  • Gluten-free, low-carbВ 
  • 400 calories, 9g protein, 38 total fat, 23g carbohydrates


KetoFridge doesn’t offer subscription plans, so all meals are a la carte and vary in price. The average price of an entree is $16. Pizzas cost about $11 each, and desserts, such as cookies, cakes, and peanut butter cups, cost about $8 per batch.

Keto Fridge Keto Fridge Visit Site

Help & Support

Keto Fridge says the fastest way to reach out is simply by text information at 267-342-1559.

Bottom Line

Keto Fridge provides accessible, delicious American foods which are produced in rigid compliance with the keto diet plan. The specific dishes are usually comfort food items favorites, in addition you’ll appear for the decent variety around the specific menu each week. And also some items you’d become hard-pressed to obtain elsewhere, particularly on the particular particular delicacy menus. The particular no-subscription plan furthermore can make Keto Refrigerator a great appealing method of all those testing out the particular keto diet and even searching to be able to plan for that hectic seven days.