Magic Kitchen Review

Sarah PritzkerBySarah PritzkerMar. 05, 2020

In the Nutshell

Magic Kitchen has already been preparing plus delivering foods across the nation concerning nearly 15 years. Known to since straight-from-your-mom’s-kitchen supper delivery providers, Magic Food preparation area prides alone upon providing tasty, healthy, home-style foods that will fill upward you up make the grin within your encounter. You are able to select your own personal foods or obtain complete foods, choose from the huge menus, and appreciate diet-friendly foods based on your own nutritional plus lifestyle requirements.


  • Huge range of specific meals for various lifestyles
  • Mom’s home-style cuisine style meals
  • Heat and consume, ready within minutes


  • Dry glaciers used regarding packaging
  • Shipping begins at $18-$20

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Ideal For

  • Any dietary require at all
  • Busy families who else want home-cooked meals
  • Seniors living on their own own

What’s Distinctive About Magic Kitchen?

Magic Kitchen will be a plans, flexible, and top-quality food delivery support that offers delicious meals for your very own doorstep. Considering that with many meal delivery services, Magic Kitchen functions on the meals and right after that adobe flash stalls every one of them in order to end upward being delivery-ready. We just about all did appearance for the few variations that set up this services apart. By way of example:

Huge variety

While most dinner delivery providers offer the selection of dinner options in order to suit several nutritional limitations or even requirements, Miracle Kitchen area will go further in order to support almost every specialized diet plan away right now there. We had been impressed through the significant quantity associated with available options along with regard in order to specialty foods and dinner plans. Clients can select from:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Dialysis-friendly
  • Renal diet
  • Low fat
  • Low carb
  • Low sodium
  • Diabetes-friendly
  • Portion control
  • Low calorie
  • Weight Watchers
  • Gourmet meals
  • Home cooked meals

Each of individuals diet plans may make this easier regarding someone upon that kind of diet plan to stay with and preserve a proper plus healthy consuming plan based on their specific lifestyle specifications. It’s incredible that Magic Kitchen might concentrate on as a result many different diets.

Family Size

Another selection that is barely ever noticed upon the meals delivery scene is a family strategy, but Magic Kitchen offers one. Given that one of the biggest organizations of clients that food deliveries cater to is the busy dad or mom who just does not have time to cook for their own family, it can only logical to offer a family members plan. Magic Kitchen offers meals and individual items in four, 6, eight, and twelve portions. This particular way you are usually able in order to feed your own whole loved ones having the single buy (instead associated with getting to generate multiple orders). This keeps the price all the way down, as well.

Senior living

What’s actually a lot more amazing is usually that may Magic Kitchen suits those who are usually usually inside the amazing many yrs of their very own life. Since people get older, preparing food becomes a legitimate trouble. This barely appears really really worth it in order to shop, preparation, and prepare for simply one or two individuals. Therefore , elderly people frequently skip out upon the key diet they need. Magic Kitchen area provides an easy solution with regard to this common problem having a special senior citizens plan. These types of meals are usually made particularly to focus on seniors’ wants, life styles, plus health specifications. What’s also nicer concerning this method is the fact that kids may order these types of meals with regard to aging moms and fathers and also have obtained the meals product shipped directly to every one of them. This method they are going to understand their unique mom and dad are becoming appeared after furthermore if these people are not really end.

Magic Cooking region also offers gift certification, so that you can purchase a family member or friend a dinner being a token of your affection. It’s a cute touch that earns this service more heart points.

How It Works

Ordering from Magic Kitchen was fast and simple. You choose if you want complete meals or Г  la carte. Then you select the meals/items you want. Finish your order, and your meals will arrive in 1-3 business days. Magic Kitchen provides to anyplace in the united states.

All foods are shipped on Monday plus Tuesdays, to obtain them precisely the exact same day whenever ordered simply before 2pm COMPUTERTOMOGRAFIE upon Monday plus Tuesdays. Or else, you will certainly wait till the subsequent Monday and even Tuesday.

Meal Options

Magic Kitchen area includes the incredible choice of food items available choices by way of the different applications. All of us had been just a little confused with almost all the choices, so no fear of food monotony here. You can select from breakfast items like burritos, parmesan cheese omelette and salsa, or pancakes; lunches, such because cheese ravioli along with marinara spices, spinach manicotti, or infant clams within linguini; or even dinners, such as beef burned up ends within BARBECUE spices, meat wellington sobre croute, as well as poultry ana luisa; as well as sweets for example dark chocolate ganache dessert, ricotta cheesecake, plus tiramisu. For example we all mentioned, it is a enormously exhaustive list of delicious foods to select from.

Favorite Magic Cooking area Meals

These are some of the best meals you can get in Magic Kitchen area:

1. Sliced Hickory Smoked, Honey Glazed Turkey Breast

Sliced Hickory Smoked, Honey Glazed Turkey Breast

Cost per helping: $21

Prep & cook time: None-50 minutes depending on your preference

Difficulty level: Easy

Calories per providing: 60

Other available details: This boneless turkey breasts is stuffed with flavor. It is been prepared, healed, plus smoked cigarettes in purchase to excellence.

В 2. Meat Teriyaki

beef teriyaki

Cost for each providing: В $13

Prep and prepare period: None

Difficulty degree: Easy

Calories for every serving: 330

Other accessible info: This dish may be work. Pieces associated with meat marinated within a divine teriyaki spices.

3. Vegetarian Bundle

Vegetarian Bundle

В Cost for each helping: Appx. $95

Prep and prepare period: None

Difficulty degree: Easy

Calories for each helping: Varies depending on itemВ 

Other available details: This is usually a easily way in order to obtain a complete, nutritious dinner into your system if you are vegetarian. The bundle consists of fire-Roasted Veggies en Croute, Broccoli, Peas & Hammer toe, Eggplant Parmigiana, Pesto and Cheese Flatbread, Crustless Spinach Quiche Double Pack, Buttered Carrots, Portabella & Shiitake Mushroom Ravioli, Verdura Premium Artisan Flatbread with Kalamata Olives. Additionally , it comes along with Tiramisu plus Pucker Upward Lemon Loaf for delicacy.


Magic Kitchen area has two main pricing structures. You can either order complete meals, or a person can pick from the avec de la carte menus that allows you to piece collectively food intake simply by selecting the particular particular edges, mains, soups, plus desserts you prefer best. Furthermore, there are several ready-made plans with regard to various dietary needs and lifestyles including low carb, diabetic-friendly, and senior living as mentioned above. Here is a glimpse at the particular particular Miracle Kitchen area prices construction:

ГЂ una carte Plan
Complete Dinner Plan
Individual servings
$11. 50-$14. 50
2 servings
$9. 99-$29. 99
$79. 99-$89. 99
4 servings
$19. 49-$58. 99
1 dinner for every day
2 foods for each day
3 foods for every day

As you will see, foods range in between $10-$25, plus you may have the great low cost upon almost every program there may be. Very first purchases get 10% away, plus senior citizens obtain $10 away from any purchase over $80. Presently there are usually also specific menus regarding even a lot more discount rates.

Meal programs provide you the deeper reduce price because really will subscribing to continuing meal delivery. Plus, every single single dinner arrives along with each a superior quality and satisfaction guarantee. Which will means once the meal comes damaged/spoiled as well as if the person do not get pleasure from the particular meal, a person will end up being paid. That is the good provide.

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Help and Support

Magic Cooking area provides amazing assistance choices. For example, the particular hrs associated with procedure are usually quite lengthy regarding the foods company. They are usually in via 7: 30am – 11: 30pm together with the complete personnel. Yet Miracle Kitchen area assistance can be obtained day to day, so that you can achieve out at any time.

Bottom Line

Magic Kitchen is the greatest of almost all worlds. A person get tasty, home-cooked foods delivered to your door, so you can eat well and enjoy all aspects of life with out spending all day long in the particular kitchen. Foods are reasonably priced, as well as the bundles and extra discounts get them to even a lot more affordable. Include to that the friendly customer care and fulfillment guarantee, plus you’ve obtained a real winner.