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In the Nutshell

RealEats is really a fun plus customer-friendly food delivery support that provides world class chef-prepared meals that come to your door fresh and ready to eat. With a huge selection of foods, varied plus easy prices plans, and then day shipping, RealEats seems like a excellent way in order to obtain the finest food which good, plus healthy for you. Will be it, though? Let’s find out.


  • Free delivery on orders over $115
  • Fully prepared meals ready in 6 minutes
  • All meals are under 600 calories


  • Not good for highly allergic eaters
  • No special dietary menus
  • Doesn’t deliver to all states

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Ideal For

  • Anyone trying to lose weight and having difficulty
  • Busy people who still want to eat healthy and well
  • People living inside the shipping zones

What’s Unique Regarding RealEats?

RealEats is within a competing industry along with a large amount of opposition seeking the exact same buck. Yet there are many points that get this company stay ahead of the sleep. Here are a few standout features we noticed when reviewing:

Fast and easy food

Gone are the days when the only available fast food was greasy, artery-clogging sandwiches that came out of a drive-thru window. RealEats offers delicious, healthy, and filling meals that are usually fully ready and able to consume in only six minutes. Get that, McDonald’s! In addition , RealEats meals arrive vacuum-packed within BPA-free food-safe bags. A person can simply toss all of them into hot water for the simple and fast heating program process.

Low-calorie option

RealEats will certainly be the great option for people trying within order in order to lose body weight. That’s given that all food items are beneath 600 calorie consumption. Therefore, an individual can obtain the dinner that will may fulfill a person and a person under your very own daily calorie budget since well.

Premium high high quality food

RealEats actually does great eating correct. This utilizes just locally-sourced elements and offers each supper made simply by specialists. Worldclass cooks are usually preparing food your own meal. The person can not obtain that provide from the restaurant with out paying a lot of money for this. All foods are GMO-free, never prepared, never iced, and reliably sourced. Your own food does not have to contact a micro wave either since it is packaged in those food bags we discussed. So , if you are concerned about zapping away the particular nutrients inside your meal, you are able to skip that will concern.

Plus, RealEats allows you to choose meals before a person place in transaction information. We all like this type of visibility.

How This Works

Ordering from RealEats is simple.

  • Decide the number of foods you want to purchase.
  • Choose through the delicious menu products. It’s obtained a easy meal countdown, so a person understand how many meals you have left to choose.
  • Enter your delivery and invoicing information.
  • Wait for your own food in order to arrive.

When your foods arrive, you can warmth and eat immediately. RealEats meals can stay within your refrigerator for about the week prior to the freshness plus quality deteriorate. And whilst that can be done exactly what you such as together with your meals, RealEats actually does not really suggest cold these varieties of foods. The whole design is usually intended to finish up getting enjoyed as being a fresh, nutritious alternative to be able to ordinary hot TV dinners—same advice concerning microwaving. Once you perform decide to toss extreme care in purchase to the particular wind movement and micro wave your foods anyway, just be sure to get off any of the plastic material packaging beforehand.

Before you receive excited, although, there will be a catch. RealEats does not deliver to every state in the US. It only delivers to:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

That’s a lot of areas, so there is a great possibility that may you’re safeguarded. Just confirm the directory before the person begin preparing supper.

Meal Options

RealEats includes the great selection of foods to pick from. Every week, you will certainly get to browse via 22 different dinner options. The options are divided in in order to 3 showcased chef choices (the best 3 foods chosen along with the cooks which create them), fifteen delectable supper options, plus 4 satisfying breakfast foods. You can mix and match, choose whichever looks the particular best for you, or choose based upon the nourishment information or even ingredients utilized in a meal. Dishes arrive as single-serving meals, when you’re cooking food for a lot more than 1 person, determine accordingly.

RealEats has the nice mixture of meal types, as well. You can find a combination of meat dishes, including beef, lamb, and chicken, as well as some mouth-watering seafood options. RealEats also caters to vegetarians, offering an impressive selection of vegetarian foods for a meal shipping service that will isn’t purely vegetarian. Also, and within case a person might possess particular allergic reactions an individual are usually concerned regarding, RealEats content articles all allergen information on the nutrition information web pages inside the particular website. This really will be well worth observing, nevertheless, that will RealEats says obviously that will it are not able to guarantee mix contamination hasn’t occurred inside the kitchen.

Favorite RealEats Meals

While everything on the website looked incredible, here are usually the a few meal choices from RealEats we selected (and cherished! )

1. Balsamic Glazed Meats w/ SautГ©ed Green Espresso beans, Done Walnuts, plus Brand brand new Potatoes


Cost regarding each serving: $11. 50-$13. 50

Prep and prepare time: six minutes

Difficulty level: Extremely easy

Calories for each serving: 430 calories

Other accessible info: Grass-fed sirloin meats are generally marinated within a balsamic glaze more than, paired along with buttery eco-friendly beans, toasted almonds, and roasted potatoes for a filling meal that’s loaded with vitamins and under 500 calories.

2. Southwest Grilled Chicken Bowl w/ Black Bean and Corn, Whole Grains, and Creamy Cilantro Vinaigrette


Cost per serving: $11. 50-$13. 50

Prep & cook time: 6 minutes

Difficulty level: Very easy

Calories per serving: 540 calories

Other available info: Simple and elegant, this grilled chicken offers the hearty mixture of fiber rich foods, rich dark beans, plus tantalizing cilantro dressing for your ultimate dinner in the bowl.

3. Hearty Roasting Breakfast Hash w/ Ginger and Sage Chicken Chicken, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Reddish Potatoes


Cost for each serving: $5

Prep & prepare time: six minutes

Difficulty level: Very easy

Calories per serving: 270 calories

Other available info: Mornings are usually better whenever they begin with shiitake mushrooms, scallions, plus big pieces of cheddar cheese thrown in ginger and sage.

RealEats Pricing

RealEats has sensible pricing for a meal shipping service. That will is, you will get cheaper choices by going to a fast food place or purchasing meal items (instead related with ready-made meals). However in this industry, RealEats is fairly priced. This is a break lower through the RealEats Dinner Applications:

4-Meal Plan
6-Meal Plan
8-Meal Plan
12-Meal Plan
Price per meal
$13. 50
$12. 50
$11. 50
Price regarding each week

RealEats furthermore provides Morning dinner plus Dinner plans. This gives you the particular particular selection to get obtained 2 nutritious meals prepared to meet your requirements each time, boosting your health and improving your weight loss objectives. Listed below are the Breakfast + Dinner plans available:

8-Meal Plan
12-Meal Plan
16-Meal Plan
24-Meal Plan
Price per meal
$5/$13. 50
$5/$12. 50
$5/$11. 50
Price per week

As you can observe, the more meals you order, the cheaper each individual meal gets. Breakfast meal pricing stays the same regardless ($5 no matter how many you order). Imagine breakfast is as cheap because it’s going to get currently!

Delivery for those dinner programs expenses regular FedEx delivery prices (varies simply simply by location). However you’ll obtain absolutely shipping inside the 12-meal Supper Program and also the 16- or 24-meal Breakfast period + Supper Plan. You will buy $30 out of your 1st order with regard to registering.

RealEats RealEats Visit RealEats

Help and Support

RealEats offers customer care obtainable via e-mail in [email protected] com, or even mobile phone in 1-855-695-6387. There is also the helpful FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section upon the web site that delivers a person the majority of the solutions you are searching for.

Bottom Line

RealEats has been actually easy to functionality with, purchasing went very easily, and a person have a lot of plans to pick from. This is usually great since it suits a broad variety associated with people through singles in order to families along with kids. RealEats also offers the delicious choice of foods all below 600 calories from fat for weight-conscious individuals. Enhance that the particular freshness associated with consuming food that will was just lately prepared simply by skilled cooks, plus RealEats will be absolutely the only method to consume.